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انجمن ملی صنایع پلیمر ایران
انجمن تولیدکنندگان مستربچ و آمیزه های پلیمری ایران
نیرومند پلیمر پارس
شرکت پتروشیمی مارون
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پتروشیمی جم
پتروشیمی خلیج فارس

Challenges and solutions

Here we introduce challenges of international trade and solutions to solving and managing them.


Lack of foreign trade knowledge

Foreign trade and trade experience and knowledge

Resource constraints

Having a global infrastructure

Financial risks and payments

Secure payment guarantee

Lack of local access

Ability to personally review and negotiate with suppliers


In-depth evaluation and certification of suppliers

Quality risk

Submitting samples, performing analysis and inspections

Cultural differences

Experience of working with different cultures

Unknown language and difficulty of negotiations

Having multilingual staff

Barriers and embargoes to global trade

Familiarity with the rules and management of changing business documents

Increasing global competition

Marketing research and action with sufficient information

Customs disputes

Experience in solving customs problems

The difficulty of finding the right supplier

Having large suppliers

Business process

We complete every project based on our work experience


01. Select the required services

Global import and supply services, supply solutions, global export and sales services.


02. : Consulting with experts

Our experts are ready to advise and guide and provide services to you.


03. Beginning of the project

After selecting the necessary services and collaborating with the experts, our expert team will start its activities.



Industry categories

Chemical-Polymer Industry



Chemical and polymer customers and manufacturers need a strategic ally to streamline their raw material sourcing process, and by focusing on the product manufacturing process through this ally, they can lower the organization’s running costs and increase profitability.


Auto Spare Parts Industry



Partoo Pishgaman Pouya Company started its activities in this field in 2020, realizing the increasing importance of supplying standard and quality car spare parts. By forming an R&D team, we studied a wide range of spare parts and brands required by the country’s transportation industry, including HOLSET, KOLBEN SCHMIDT, GOETZE, MAHLE, VALEO, GARRETT, etc.


Textile Industries


The textile industry is one of the most established industries in Iran and this industry. It constitutes an important part of the country’s production, employment and income from this sector.In this industry, it is dependent on imports to provide raw materials, especially pigments, and one of the important concerns of factories operating in this field is to be able to provide timely and tailored supplies.


Tools and  Related Machines Industry


In this period, provide the industrial tools and machines needed by the small workshops and production facilities to support the production cycle of the country has great importence. Having a wide range of tools (turning tools, cutting, precision measuring, CNC, safety, etc.) and machines (CNC machines, turning, milling, cutting, etc.) by forming a R&D team, we studied the requirements of the country’s production cycle.

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