About Us


Parto Pishgaman Pouya is a business development company that offers comprehensive solutions to the complex challenges of your international business. We specialize in foreign market research, careful selection of suppliers, design and implementation of appropriate and responsible purchasing and sales strategies, logistics and transportation planning, as well as managing business documents through our own infrastructure and international trade security offices.

Partoo Pishgaman Pouya was founded in 2016 and has been providing global commodity management solutions ever since. With offices and partners in key countries around the world, including China, India, Germany, Russia, Oman, and Turkey, we are negotiating with suppliers to ensure your benefits are met to ensure that the product suits you in terms of cost, quality and delivery terms. From the very beginning, our aim has been to provide specialized services in foreign trade and product supply, and export of chemicals and commodities, and to provide industry-appropriate services to the chemical and polymer industries, pharmaceutical industry and automotive industry over the years.

Founded as a small business services company, it is now an independent company with offices in Tehran, Turkey and Pakistan, as well as strategic partners in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Oman, UAE, China, South Korea, India. In the first year, we only provided customs clearance services in the country’s customs, but now we have offices and trade in different countries. Based on the knowledge and experience of our managers in foreign trade, purchasing engineering, marketing, export and international sales, we are now a leading group in the supply of specialty raw materials and additives in chemicals, polymers and plastics. Engineering polymers, textile industry raw materials, pigments, titanium dioxide, plastics industry additives and supply management of industrial and laboratory chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials are some of the company’s areas of work.

Why Parto Pishgaman Pouya?

Supply chain
  • Due to our in-depth understanding of how critical a reliable supply chain is to any manufacturing business, we evaluate global suppliers against strict technical, commercial and logistics standards. Beyond that, we place our employees at suppliers’ production facilities to oversee and monitor all aspects of the production process if necessary. Our quality assurance program includes preliminary analysis, feasibility studies, inspection instructions and production reports to ensure that it meets the customer’s needs and wishes.
Transport and Logistics Industry
  • As experienced production partners abroad, we fully know the transportation and logistics sector, payment methods and we consider it our duty to provide smart and reliable solutions to our customers.
Broad access to suppliers
  • We have extensive access to suppliers in Asia and Europe, particularly Iran’s key trading partners including China, India, Germany and Turkey.

Knowledge and experience of customs activities
  • We have knowledge and experience in customs activities and can obtain import licenses and manage customs issues.

Recognition of raw materials
  • By recognizing the raw materials and suppliers of the chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, textile and spare parts sectors and by providing technical-engineering support, we can guarantee our customers safe and high quality purchases.

Expert team
  • With our expert team and business infrastructure, we offer a complete and seamless solution that controls all aspects of product sourcing and purchasing, shipping, customs, overseas and domestic procurement. We will be responsive, committed and committed to you in all these steps and will strive to meet your expectations and needs from a world class supplier.

Sales network
  • We can use our export product sales network to market and sell your product in Turkey, Pakistan, India, China and Russia.