There are various stages of export, and PARTO PISHGAMAN is ready to serve in each of these areas. We are aware of the importance of global exports and sales for your company and we work hard to ensure that your international sales and trade is well managed.

Our services in this area include marketing and customer identification, delivery to the customer and bank reconciliation, export permits and customs clearance.

Partoo Pishgaman Pouya is ready to receive export remittances and fulfill the foreign exchange obligations of reputable exporters to import raw materials.

We have infrastructure and sales networks in Turkey, Russia, Oman, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and CIS countries that can help you access these markets. We specialize in agricultural products, petroleum products and petrochemical products and can market and sell your products in this area.

Sales & Marketing

Customer delivery and bank settlement

Returning currency from exports and sales in the Nima system

Customer Introduction

Export customs clearance procedures

Failure to fulfill the exchange obligation

Sales Calls

Shipping and logistics

Making a sales contract / receiving the order

Obtaining export permits for goods

Providing the prices and technical specifications

Making a domestic purchase agreement

To send samples if necessary

Checking that the product complies with the standard of the target country

Outsourced Sales Method

PARTO PISHGAMAN focuses on our sales experience, especially in the B2B field, and we can offer you the right solutions and manage the sales process of your products in global markets.

We export chemical products and refined products to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and CIS. Exporting agricultural products to Russia and Persian Gulf countries is one of our activities. Especially in these markets, we can promote and sell your products in accordance with our fields of activity, thanks to our experience and opportunities. In this context, we offer special services to companies and startups.

We plan to acquire new export markets in Oman, Iraq, India and Eastern and Central Europe. Please contact us and discuss your global sales plans with our experts.