Pharmaceutical Industry


Partoo Pishgaman Pouya Company started its activities in this field in 1399, realizing the increasing importance of pharmaceutical raw material supply. By forming an R&D team, we examined a wide range of raw materials needed by the country’s pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical raw material supply requires mastery of all components of the supply chain in order for the products to reach the pharmaceutical factories in the country at the right time and with the desired quality.

For this reason, our company is ready to serve these pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country with its office infrastructure and commercial opportunities.

India and China have a large pharmaceutical raw material production base with very high volumes but different qualities. Meanwhile, India has achieved high growth in terms of production volume and quality.

In order to ensure that we buy quality pharmaceutical raw materials, we must first identify reputable suppliers. Our procurement experts are in contact with large companies that produce pharmaceutical raw materials.

It is also possible to conduct private interviews, take samples, and make detailed examinations about the product and production process.

Leave the supply of your pharmaceutical raw materials to us, PARTO PISHGAMAN POUYA is with you until the end.