Auto Spare Parts


Partoo Pishgaman Pouya Company started its activities in this field in 1399, realizing the increasing importance of supplying standard and quality car spare parts. By forming an R&D team, we studied a wide range of spare parts and brands required by the country’s transportation industry, including HOLSET, KOLBEN SCHMIDT, GOETZE, MAHLE, VALEO, GARRETT, etc.

While Europe, China and Turkey have a large spare parts production base in very high volumes but in different qualities, China has achieved a high growth in terms of production volume and quality.

Reliable spare parts supply requires mastery of all components of the supply chain in order to provide the desired quality products to the country’s transportation sector. For this reason, our company is ready to serve these auto spare parts dealers in the country with its office infrastructure and commercial opportunities.

We always work to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term cooperation with our customers. To ensure we get quality spare parts, we must first identify reputable suppliers. Our procurement experts are in contact with major spare parts companies.

It is also possible to conduct private interviews, take samples, and make detailed examinations about the product and production process.

PARTO PISHGAMAN POUYA accompanies you in this process. Please contact us for auto spare parts supply.