Tools and  Related Machines Industry  

In this period, provide the industrial tools and machines needed by the small workshops and production facilities to support the production cycle of the country has great importence. Having a wide range of tools (turning tools, cutting, precision measuring, CNC, safety, etc.) and machines (CNC machines, turning, milling, cutting, etc.) by forming a R&D team, we studied the requirements of the country’s production cycle.It requires technical dominance of the supply chain components and the determination of reputable manufacturers in order for its products to be able to offer domestic customers at the right time and with the desired quality. China and Turkey have a large production base with very high volumes of products, but having different quality and advantageous industrial tools and machines.Meanwhile, China recorded high growth in volume production quality and low production costs. To ensure quality products, our foreign trade team identifies reputable manufacturers of industrial tools and machines.
We guarantee the quality of products for domestic customers through private negotiations, taking samples, carrying out detailed inspections of the product and the production process.
We always seek long-term satisfaction and cooperation with customers and manufacturers, so our company is ready to serve domestic customers with its office infrastructure and business opportunities. Leave the supply of your industrial tools and machinery to us, PARTO PISHGAMAN  will always be with you.